Insurance plans for mushroom farms and businesses in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania

Mushrooms in Kennett Square, PA

Mushroom Farms and Insurance in Kennett Square, PA

Half of America’s mushrooms are grown in a tiny corner of southeastern Pennsylvania near a small town called Kennett Square. According to local folklore about the high population of mushrooms, around 1884 there were two Quaker farmers who weren’t pleased with all the wasted space around them and decided to plant mushrooms.

Because of this, the mushroom population in Kennett Square, PA has skyrocketed and is estimated to be around 400 million pounds and producing about $2.7 billion in revenue.

With being one of the biggest names in mushroom production on the East Coast, we know that protecting your farms and having reliable insurance can be a make or break point. An accident can spring up at any point and possibly cause some trouble for your company or local run business, so why not look for affordable and reliable insurance?

Product Liability Insurance

Mushrooms are a form of product under a business and can therefore be held reliable for harm caused to customers.

No worries, as we offer the most flexible and financially feasible packages for your business to flourish with almost zero worries of insurance issues.

Commercial Property Insurance

Working with such a heavy load of product can often create a good amount of wear and tear on your tools and land.

For this reason, we offer a package deal that covers a wide variety of buildings and equipment you have, along with mushrooms you grew that are considered inventory. 

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