Enhancements to equine and equine property insurance

Equine-Select for Equine Professionals


offers enhancements for when your businesses requires international or domestic travel.  In addition, it includes non-owned tack coverage for boarders and other clients trusting you with possession of their saddles and other horse equipment.

International Travel  
   a) Household Contents $5,000
   b) Valuable Papers $2,500
   c) Airline Tickets $2,000
   d) Credit Cards $1,000
   e) Money, Securities, Travel-Checks $1,000
   f) Laptop, Computer, Media $5,000
   g) Tack & Supplies $10,000
Arena Footing $10,000
Tack & Horse Equipment: $2,500
Non-Owned Tack $5,000
Incidental Equestrian Liability: Policy Limit
Professional Liability Judges Policy Limit
Golf Carts off premise Policy Limit
AI – Sanctioning body horse event: Policy Limit
  • International Travel 
    • Household Contents     $5,000   
    • Valuable Papers     $2,500   
    • Airline Tickets     $2,000   
    • Credit Cards     $1,000   
    • Money, Securities, Travel-Checks     $1,000
    • Laptop, Computer, Media        $5,000   
    • Tack & Supplies        $10,000
  • Arena Footing     $10,000
  • Tack & Horse Equipment:       $2,500
  • Non-Owned Tack     $5,000
  • Incidental Equestrian Liability:     Policy Limit
  • Professional Liability Judges:     Policy Limit
  • Golf Carts off premise:    Policy Limit
  • AI – Sanctioning body horse event:    Policy Limit

“The equine industry is growing worldwide and has experienced tremendous professionalization in recent years. Sustained development requires internationally competent managers.  It also requires Professional Endorsements that will travel the globe with you.”

Property Insurance

Protection for buildings equipment and inventory if ever damaged by a covered loss, including:

  • Permanently installed equipment and outdoor fixtures
  • Computer systems, electronic media, including valuable paperwork and records
  • Outdoor paperwork, including signs and debris removal
  • Property in transit or temporarily off premises
  • Accounts receivable
  • Employee dishonest, forgery or alterations
  • Money and securities, on or off premises

Protect Your Livelihood

When you own a business, you have a lot to protect. Could you afford to cover the loss from a burglary, vandalism or fire? What if a customer slips and falls or a dishonest employee steals from you? What would happen if you couldn’t reopen your doors for months?

Our business owners insurance combines property and liability insurance, loss of income, crime coverage and optional coverage’s into one convenient package. Best of all, your policy can be personally tailored to meet your specific business needs and budget.

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