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When it comes to business, there are many risks and challenges and few guarantees.  Nonetheless, risks can be managed. 

Business Continuation insurance helps protect against:

  • Business Interruption: Covers loss of income that a business suffers after a disaster.
  • Key-Person Insurance: Key-Person insurance provides income to key employees when they are unable to work for a 30-day period or more.  If you are planning to turn sell your business to a key employee, insurance options add incentives and security to a buy-sell agreement.
  • Business Owner Protection: You wisely insure your business property and liability risks, but what would happen if you were unable to work your business for an extended time.  One in four business owners fall into this category.  There a multiple options covering this risk.  Protecting yourself is a wise business investment.
  • Employee Benefit: Employees are a business’s most important asset.  Let’s discuss options that will benefit your employees.


Building Related:  Lumber yards, Siding, Fence Installation companies

Office Coverage:  Veterinarian, Doctor, Legal, Accounting Services, Web-Design…

Property Care Industries:  Landscaping, Yard Care, Patio & Deck

Market Street:   Pet Grooming, Farmers Markets, Salon & Barber, Clothing Stores…

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