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Returning To Your WHY

Working hard for something we don’t care about is called STRESS.
Working hard for something we love is called PASSIONSimon Sinek

No one will disagree that running a small to mid-size privately held business can become insanely busy – if we let it. Whether you started your business a year ago or ten-plus years ago, it’s easy to get off course. When that happens, a door opens to various invaders that can steal joy, decrease energy, and move your focus to the “demands of the urgent”.

Erich Brenn was a frequent guest on the Ed Sullivan Show back in the 1960’s. His routine was “Plate Spinning”. For those of us who are visual learners, the link below illustrates the insanity of trying to keep all the plates in your business spinning. If you can, watch two minutes of the video and ask yourself if you ever had a day, week, or even months that felt like you were spinning plates. Plates beginning to fall, break into pieces, and cause serious set-backs in your business. The results can be financially and emotionally painful.

So how do we navigate the turbulent waters of chaos?

There are many ways to bring order to your business world. Three that have worked for me over the years are:

Establishing a strong WHY:

According to Simon Sinek, the why is about your contribution to impact and serve your customer/client. The why inspires us. In short, your why is your purpose. It provides a clear answer to the questions, “Why do I get out of bed every morning?” “Why does my organization/business exist?” and “Why should that matter to anyone else?”  Having people believe in your why is what will motivate them purchase your products, seek your services, or hire you to fulfill their business needs. Strong why statements are key to long lasting success and viability. They also can help us differentiate between what’s “best” for the business versus what’s “good”.

Pushing the Pause Button:

Pushing the “pause button” offers multiple benefits. Pushing the pause button needs to be a regular practice. You don’t want to wait until chaos raises it’s ugly head and then call timeout. Consider taking time daily to “renew your mind”. Focus on your why. Purposefully seek a long-range perspective. Then bring order to the tasks at hand. The goal is “keeping the main thing the main thing” and staying the course. Time dedicated to reviewing your WHY can change the direction of your sail by helping you refocus on what’s best for your business. Remember, good is the enemy of best for your clients/customers, employees, and your business.

Rid yourself of the Old to make way for the New:

With your WHY in mind, do not let fear hold you back from honestly evaluating with key team leaders what’s working and what’s not. The “old” needs to be removed in order to make room for the “new”. Tim Peter’s book “Thriving on Chaos” discusses the pace of industry change. Industry “chaos” as a result of industry change is different from internal workplace chaos. Thriving on this type of chaos helps you achieve your WHY in an ever-changing business environment.


  • Establish a strong WHY
  • Take time to evaluate whether you are focused on the goals of your WHY.
  • Thrive by staying on top of changes in your industry. Get rid of the old. Make room for the new.


Vince Rinchiuso

Founder of Vinn Financial

Watch the Plate Spinning Video Here!

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