Singer Songwriter Marc Anthony wrote “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life”.

Nice thought!  However, according to Forbes magazine, 85% of the world population hate their job and 70% of American’s are dissatisfied with their occupation.

For the most part, I’ve been very fortunate to love what I do.  Work is hard. We all have times when the song we sing is “Take this job and shove it” by David Allen Coe.

Every day I have the pleasure of working with farm business owners of whom the greater majority are Equine Farm owners.  Their work is tough work!  It requires determination and grit.  So, what keeps them in the game?  Passion and love for the horses they care for and joy that is found in helping and serving others.


Here are three tips for building passion-giving connections:

  1. Balance the Scales
    As horse professionals it can be hard to find the time to connect with people other than our clients. Family and friendships help balance the scales.
  2. Set Boundaries
    If you’re exhausted and stressed, set some boundaries. Perhaps something as simple as deciding you won’t take phone calls after 7:00 pm. Be present.  Be where you are and take in what it offers.
  3. Stay Connected to the Horses
    Simon Senik talks about returning to your “WHY”. Take time to remember “WHY” you chose to do what you do. Recount your earlier passion that energized your work experience.  Perhaps kiss your favorite horse or communicate your affection for them.
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