Financial and insurance plans for mushroom farms and businesses

Mushrooms In Southeastern Pennsylvania

Half of America’s mushrooms are grown in a tiny corner of southeastern Pennsylvania near a small town called Kennett Square.

Local Lore has is that around 1884 two Quaker flower growers from Kennett Square bothered by wasted space under the carnation beds decided to fill the space by growing mushrooms.

Today 400 million pounds of mushrooms are produced annually in the area with an estimated $2.7 billion in revenue.

Mushroom Select Enhancements include:

Product Liability Insurance

Businesses can sometimes be held financially responsible for injuries that their products cause. Product liability insurance helps protect businesses from product-related lawsuits in the event that their products cause harm.

Since mushrooms are products, mushroom farms can get product liability insurance for them. Should a mushroom ever cause someone to choke or a batch of mushrooms make multiple people sick, having this coverage could help protect your farm from the financial fallout.

Product liability insurance is normally purchased by itself or within a package policy.

Commercial Property Insurance

Mushroom farms typically need commercial property insurance for their buildings and equipment. Property insurance can also cover supplies and product inventory.

When selecting a commercial property policy for your mushroom farm, make sure the policy covers your farm’s buildings as well as any growing equipment and supplies you have. A robust policy should also cover grown mushrooms since they’re considered inventory.

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