Insurance plans and financial management for dairy farms

Professional Dairy Farm Enhancements

No two dairy businesses are alike.

As risk manager, we design property & liability coverage specifically to meet your unique needs. Our select dairy endorsements are proactive and will keep your dairy farm in business as you rebuild from a covered loss.

What would happen if…….


A fire demolishes your milking barn and also destroys equipment that you rent for use on the farm. You search, but are unable to find an alternative location to milk your cows so you are forced to immediately sell your herd. To make matters worse, at auction your receive substantially less than the fair market value of your herd prior to the fire.

Our Endorsements Keep Your Business Running:


  • Dairy Income
  • Livestock Loss of Value
  • Borrowed or Rented Farm Machinery
  • Equipment Breakdown
  • Milk Contamination
  • Loss of Refrigerated Products
  • Ask about our Quality Assurance Credit

Our Endorsements Include:

Loss of Farm Business Income –

Designed to help keep your farm afloat during a recovery period. This endorsement pays for the loss of farming income while your property is being restored, covering expenses while you are getting your dairy fully operating again.

Livestock Loss of Value –

If you need to sell livestock due to the temporary interruption of your dairy operation. This Endorsement allows Farm Families to pay for the loss of market value. This unique and important coverage is not available from all carriers.

Borrowed or Rented Farm Machinery – 

Ever rent or borrow machinery for a job on your dairy farm? In addition to providing coverage for your owned machinery, this endorsement will allow Farm Families to cover farm machinery that you borrow or rent from others for use in your farming operation.

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