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Vinn Financial Insurance & Financial Specialists  is a multi line agency specializing in meeting the insurance and financial needs of farm and commercial businesses throughout Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey.

We will be at your side creating a solid, actionable plan that will help you achieve your goals FASTER.

As risk-managers we will identify potential loss exposures, analyze these exposures, and take steps to minimize the financial impact of the exposures. The result is “least-cost coverage” of exposures, while ensuring post-loss” financial resources are available allowing your business to continue without disruption.

As your business evolves, we remain at your side. Our objective is too insure you insure positive, long-term effect on your business for years to come. We commit to doing a complimentary annual “Professional Insurance Review” with you. These reviews often save premium and certainly foster peace of mind allowing you to focus on what you do best.

Founder Vince Rinchiuso

Vince has been a local business owner for the past 35 years.  In 1984, Vince created a business that expanded from 4 states in the mid-Atlantic to the entire USA and Canada. Production of his products came from the far east, the USA, and Canada. His international design, production, and sales company exposed him to numerous risks. Much of his success was in developing the ability to identify risks, research and obtain the best protective solutions to eliminate the risks , and developing a monitoring protocol to insure risks were covered while remaining flexible for new growth opportunities.

Over the years, Vince has mentored up and coming business entrepreneurs. He has led a group in “Financial Peace University” teaching others how to become debit-free through goal based budgeting and other techniques. Vince has held various leadership roles in the community. He sponsored and led a Cub Scout group. He has been requested to speak at small to mid-size business meetings on the importance of creating multiple streams of income for retirement. 

Vince and his wife are active participants in their local church. They are involved in the annual Christmas Bike Outreach in Camden, Walk Her Home charity to fight sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation in the U.S., A House on Beekman summer camp program in the South Bronx, and the Eastern Chapter of the National Hemophilia Foundation fundraiser. Vince and his wife Regina reside in West Chester, PA. They have 3 children and 5 grandchildren. Their passion is people. Hobbies include ballroom dancing, walking at Longwood Gardens, travel, and gourmet cooking. As a “practicing” musician, Vince has performed with other musicians at various events.

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